Variable Data Printing (VDP): Everything You Need To Know

Businesses across the country are looking for new and exciting ways to connect with their customers safely. This has increased the popularity of Variable Data Printing (VDP), a software that enables businesses to send personalized mailers to their recipients.VDP has been shown time and again to increase the rate of response to direct mail.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a cutting-edge digital printing technology that enables the personalization of every printed piece in a single print run. You can personalize direct mail materials by using the customer and prospect data that your company already has.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Variable Data Printing:

  1. Personalize auto dealership mailers: Auto dealerships can use the stored data to update a mailer. Suppose the SUVs are for customers who match the demographic information for SUV drivers, convertibles for customers who match those demographics, and 4×4 trucks for customers who match those demographics. More targeted imagery is more likely to capture the recipient’s attention.
  2. Market personalized URLs: The technology isn’t limited to images; it can also be integrated into full-fledged marketing campaigns. You can use VDP to add personalized URLs that will take the recipient to a personalized landing page with content tailored specifically to them.
  3. Increased ROI: Personalized marketing allows you to stand out to your target audience, it’s only natural that it provides a higher return on investment for your marketing campaigns. VDP allows you to target prospects based on their interests. Better targeting means getting your message in front of the right people and increasing the chances of them becoming customers.
  4. Supports online marketing: Having something physical that people can hold on to allows them to consider your message and act on it for a longer period. Many businesses that use variable data printing go one step further and create personal URLs that direct customers and prospects to personalized landing pages.
  5. Tracking ability: One of the most significant advantages of variable data printing is the ability to more effectively track performance. You can easily track who in your audience takes the desired action in your campaign by using custom coupon codes and barcodes. You can then use that information to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Relationship building: Variable data printing is focused on the user experience, it is an excellent way to connect with prospects and customers. In today’s world, personalized marketing strategies must reflect the customer’s values.

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